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SnapComms Client AD Sync Interval

Last Updated: Dec 15, 2016 01:06PM NZDT

The SnapComms client check for changes to Active Directory information relating to the user that is logged on at the time. If it discovers any changes, the client updates the Content Manager. This is called an Active Directory Sync. By default an Active Directory Sync every 6 hours (21600 seconds) after initial login.

Note: SnapComms App / Client can be provisioned to perform an Active Directory Sync at Windows Startup by selecting Refresh at Startup within the Active Directory Integration section of the Advanced Settings when provisioning your clients in the Management >> Client Provisioning screen.


How groups behave when re-synced

New groups in AD (but not yet displayed in SnapComms Content Manager) will be added to Content Manager.
Groups updated in AD (e.g. group name change) will be updated in Content Manager.
Group memberships of users will be updated as soon as the new (updated) group membership information is received from each user via their SnapComms client.

Note: Groups are never deleted from the SnapComms environment, this means that groups deleted in AD will not be deleted in Content Manager. To make the group redundant, you would need to set it to inactive to prevent administrators from targeting the group. Once the new (updated) group membership information is received from each user via their SnapComms client, groups deleted in AD will have no actively connecting users associated with it in Content Manager.

You can prompt the client to perform and Active Directory Sync immediately or change the frequency it will re-sync.

Immediate forced re-sync

If client has Settings access

1. Open the client Message History window..

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on Diagnostics.

4. Click on Refresh Active Directory.


If client does not have Settings access

1. Stop the SnapClientService. Open the services.msc console, select Snap Communications Client Service and choose stop. (Or use command line: NET STOP SnapClientService)

2. Stop the SnapClient.exe process. Open the Task Manager, select SnapClient.exe and Kill Process.

3. Open the registry key located at: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Snap Communications Client\Settings

4. Delete the registry value named “client.dirSync.state“

5. Start the SnapClientService again. (SnapClient.exe will now be automatically started again).

Ongoing change of re-sync interval

Changing the Active Directory Sync frequency can be done either by creating a new client with the new settings then deploying it, or by deploying a small registry change to the client machines.

Creating a new client

1. In Content Manager, navigate to Management >> Client Provisioning.

2. Click Show Advanced Settings

3. Change the Refresh Time in seconds.

4. Continue to create and deploy your new client.

Change by Registry settings

32-Bit Machine

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Snap Communications Client\Settings

64-Bit Machine

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Snap Communications Client\Settings.

Ensure you set the base option to Decimal prior to making any changes. This value is measured in seconds.


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