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Will the SnapComms Client slow down my machine?

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2016 01:59PM NZST

The SnapComms Client has a small footprint and only displays locally stored compressed Content located in the SnapComms Client directory - it does not slow the users machine down in any way. However, should you wish to investigate this further, there are some tools supplied with Windows that may assist you tracking down slowness.

Performance Monitor can be used to monitor the performance of any software installed on your Client Computers.
To monitor the SnapComms Client, follow the instructions (for Windows 7) below to set up Windows perfmon.exe

Open Start Menu and search for perfmon.exe

Once you open Performance Manager, expand the folder Monitoring Tools and click on the green plus sign.

The green plus sign adds a new counter. In this case you will want to look at the Process option, and select the % Processor Time to see what percentage of your CPU Processing the SnapComms Client is using.

Once you have selected the % Processor Time, you may then add the 3 instances relating to SnapComms Client which are the SnapClient, SnapClientService and SnapRSS as shown below.

​Once added, you should see the results in a similar display as below:

You can customize the results to display in an easier way to read. To do this, simply double click on one of the instances in the list at the bottom of the screen to get the Performance Monitor Properties box appear:

Below I have set the scale to 10.0 so you can clearly see what is expected behavior from a SnapComms client:

​As you can see above, usual trends you will see from our software are that the SnapClientService will poll every few seconds (default is 120 seconds, but you can change this when creating the client software) and the SnapClient will either download messages (poll), or refresh the Active Directory information for the logged in user (Active Directory Synchronization). If you have an active RSS ticker published, you may also see SnapRSS check every so often for updates to the RSS feed.

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