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Legacy Quiz - User Guide

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018 09:25AM NZDT


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Use Case

The primary purpose of a Quiz is to test users knowledge of one or more subjects. Users are required to answer one or more questions to which there is only one correct answer. Participants can (optionally) be shown their own quiz results after submitting their answers.

An example use case of a Quiz is to gauge the effectiveness of a training program. Some time after the training program, trainees would be sent a Quiz to measure their knowledge on the subject of the training.


If you do not see this button when creating a new asset, you do not have a license supporting this feature. Please contact your SnapComms Sales Representative to arrange an upgrade to your license.


How it works

Quiz enables you to ask your audience a series of questions. The responses provided by your audience are marked and give a score.
You may add as many questions as you like, which can be any variation of the following three Question Types:


Your audience selects one answer out of a selection of options. Commonly this is what is referred to as a Radio Button option. They may only make one selection, but you can give them many options to select from. Specify the correct answer with a dot next to the question number.


In the above example, users may select from 9 options, the option with a dot next to it is the correct answer. There are no limits on how many question options you give your audience.

Single answer

Your audience types an answer into the provided text box. The users answer must match the correct answer. The answer is not case sensitive but spelling must match to be marked as correct.


In the example above, users that provide the answer 'Apple', 'APPLE', or 'apple' will be marked as correct. It is recommended you ask questions that there is only one correct answer for.

Free-form answer

Your audience enters free form text answers. There is no limit to what they place as an answer. Free-form questions are useful to gather comments or feedback. No marks are provided for Free-from answers, but you may view the text via the Quiz Drilldown report. Free-form answers will by default be marked as an incorrect answer. If you want to get exact percentages on correct answers, we recommend you only provide questions with answers that can be marked.


When you send a Quiz to your targeted audience, they (by default) receive a pop up in the bottom right hand side of their computer screen.

If they click on READ LATER, it will popup again if recurrence is set to do so, or they can read it later from their Message History area of their SnapComms Client.
If they click on READ NOW, or open it from their Message History area of their SnapComms Client, they will be presented with the Alert Message which contains the Quiz.

Once they complete the Quiz and click Submit, they are thanked for their participation.

If you set your Quiz to give the participants their score at the end, this is presented after they close the thank you screen.

The results are best reviewed in the Quiz Drilldown report.


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