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Designer Canvas

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2018 02:25PM NZDT
Designer Canvas User Guide


The Designer Canvas is used by several of the SnapComms tools to help design engaging messages.  It has been available since server release 16.12.9742.0 and is used by the following tools:
  • Newsletters
  • Screensavers
  • Desktop Alerts
  • Video Alerts
  • Tickers
  • RSS Feeds
The Designer Canvas provides drag and drop functionality for content as well as simple access to the settings required to send out a message (e.g. Targeting, Notifications, Publishing dates).

The Canvas has two modes:

Summary mode: The summary mode is the default mode and shows only a summary of the pre-set values and the editing window;
Designer mode: This mode allows access to the various drag and drop tools for adding content modules.

It is possible to move from one view to the other by selecting the  "Customize" button on the top left of the Canvas.

Drag and Drop Tools

drag and Drop Text Block Add a text block to the message content.  The text block toolbar includes the ability to add links, images, internal links (anchors) and to format the text.
drag and drop image Insert an image into the message.  Supported formats are: GIF, JPEG, PNG
drag and drop slideshow tool Create a slideshow of images and add to the message. Supported formats are: GIF, JPEG, PNG
[Screensavers and Newsletters only]
drag and drop video Add YouTube or Vimeo videos directly to the message.  It is also possible to enter the URL (address) for a video located elsewhere - supported format is MP4 (MPEG4).
[Screensavers and Newsletters only]
drag and drop web site Enter the URL for a website to have it display as a screensaver or within your Newsletter.  Note: Due to security restrictions, some websites may not show correctly so SnapComms recommends a test publication to ensure correct display.
[Screensavers and Newsletters only]
drag and drop separator Separate content in the message with a color line. [Newsletters and Alerts only]
drag and drop colour block For screensavers, add an area of color to help highlight or separate aspects of the message.
drag and drop ticker Insert a scrolling text block into your message
[Screensavers and Newsletters only]

Left Hand Menu

preview Preview how the message will appear on desktop and mobile device
Change between Summary and Designer Mode
summary Action menu allows for saving the message as Content Template, allowing for quick publishing of common messages.  Other options: Delete, Disable, Clone, Move or Rename the message.
settings Change the general settings for the message, including the size and background color. Only visible in Designer Mode


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