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Application Programming Interface (API) - Overview

Last Updated: May 05, 2017 03:36PM NZST

Information about the SnapComms API

The SnapComms API enables you to programmatically interact with the SnapComms Solution. 

For a quick overview of the possibilities please take a look at the SnapComms Internal Messaging API information on our web site.

Technical overview

The SnapComms solution does have an API that will allow you to integrate with other applications so content created from another source can be automatically published using the SnapComms tools. Currently this is restricted to the desktop alert and ticker tools but will be extended to other tools shortly.

The API provides programming access to the most important functions of the SnapComms application. In the API every function has a name (RequestName) and a number of parameters (RequestData). There can be different versions of the same function, which allows the API to evolve over time without breaking code using older versions of a function. For security reasons the first step is always to authenticate with credentials which will return an access id token. This token represents a session and is required for every consecutive call to the API. It has a timeout period of 5 minutes, the timeout is updated on every call to the API that uses the token. Once expired a re-authentication is required to establish a new session.
The API is designed as a lightweight and easy to use interface based purely on XML. It is called via an HTTP POST command, is language agnostic and can easily be used from more or less any programming language.

On a general note, for getting started with the API you need to:
  • use a SnapComms hosted login or have the SnapComms Server software installed
  • have a license that enables API & Mobile access
  • be able to understand principles of programming, be able to write JavaScript (or equivalent) code
  • be able to understand and work with XML

Getting started and API Reference

To make it easier to get started we've created a SnapComms API - Getting started document that details the basic concepts and the most widely used JavaScript caller interface. 

Once the basics are clear, we recommend you take a look at the SnapComms API - Reference which details the available functions, the parameters and the schema of the data returned by each of the functions. You can also download the reference as a zip file which also includes several examples written in HTML/JS and Windows PowerShell. Please note that the index.html within the reference zip loads the documentation as XML, thus please make sure that you either open it in Internet Explorer or have the correct rights to open XML files from within your browser.

API & Content Manager

It is further important to know that any content created, manipulated and published via the API is also available from within the SnapComms Content Manager for interactive management and reporting. In other words, the API and interactive creation of content exists side by side.

As mentioned above the API requires authentication, this means also that access control for the API can be applied in exactly the same way as for normal SnapComms Administrators from the Content Manager. This will allow for granular control of rights across the interactive and automated API administrators.


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