Getting Started in the Content Manager


The Getting Started page will be the hub for all guided tours and tutorial videos within the Content Manager for both trialists and customers. It’s intended to help them learn how to use the SnapComms Content Manager faster. This is also the landing page for Trialists. The page will be turned on by default for any newly created administrators and available from the menu on the left. This page can be enabled or disabled from the Help & Support > Getting Started page by turning on/off the toggle “Show this page in Main Menu”. 

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This page is available for Cloud customers only.  


There are three main sections on the page: 

Your current progress:

This section is only available for Trialists to help them validate the trial faster and learn certain important concepts early on. The six interactive steps below will enable them to track their trial evaluation process by highlighting each step as it gets completed.

Trial Progress


Watch tutorial video:

This section will offer easy-to-follow video tutorials explaining certain key SnapComms concepts including a getting started video explaining how SnapComms works.  

Take a guided tour:

This section offers two types of interactive guided tours explaining each step, the Basics and Advanced. This is intended to help Trialists understand the functionality of SnapComms faster. 


Under this section, the basic and important topics required in order to use SnapComms are covered. Some of the guides in this section include: 

  • Main Menu walkthrough 

  • Introducing Dashboard 

  • Create Content page walkthrough 

  • Create your first content 

  • Content editor walkthrough 

  • Preview content 

  • Publish content 

  • Add new user 

  • Create new administrator 

  • How to launch SnapComms to your staff  


This section covers the more advanced functionality required in order to use SnapComms successfully. Some of the guides in this section include: 

  • Manage Themes 

  • Manage Users 

  • Manage Groups 

  • Manage Attributes 

  • Configure Windows App profile 

  • Schedule Windows App update 

  • Creating Organization templates 

  • Download Mobile App 


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