Report Center

Report Center provides an overview of how SnapComms is being used across your organization. Detailed reporting on administrators' activities and general user and machine information gathered by the SnapComms client/app are also available.

Overview Widgets

The widgets at the top of Report Center will give you an overview of SnapComms usage across your organization. Currently 3 different metrics are displayed: 

  • Reachable Users: these are Users who have connected recently and are available to receive SnapComms messages now. This includes Users on Windows, Mac and Mobile Apps. 
  • Published Messages: the number of messages published in SnapComms in the last 7 days. 
  • Message Reach: it is the cumulative number of Users (employees) that have been reached with SnapComms Messages in the last 7 days. Reach means that each Message was downloaded and available to be read. 

All widgets also display metrics for the previous 30 days. 

Organization Wide Reports

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