Organization Templates

Organization Templates are pre-designed content structures that serve as blueprints for creating new messages within SnapComms. Created from existing messages, these customizable templates streamline content creation by providing a foundation for crafting branded communications. By enabling administrators to effortlessly share and replicate content, Organization Templates ensure consistency across all messaging channels.

Creating Organization Templates

To create an Organization Template start by either creating new content or editing existing content. Then, select 'Convert to Organization Template'. This transforms your content from a publishable message into a reusable template.

New content generated from the template inherits its design, text, images, and settings.





Editing Organization Templates

Organization Templates can be edited just like any other piece of content. Locate the template within its designated folder or use the 'Edit Template' feature from the Create Content screen. Note that changes made to the template will only apply to content created after the modifications.


Accessing Organization Templates in the Folder view


Accessing Organization Templates from Create Content


Using Organization Templates

Once created, Organization Templates are accessible from the Create Content page. Each template features a preview icon generated from its content, and templates can be sorted by name or by recently used.





Organization Template permissions

Permissions to utilize templates for new content are managed through folder permissions. If an administrator has permission to access the folder where the Organization Template is stored, they can create content using that template.

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