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SnapComms strongly believes in diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The SnapComms Windows, Mac, and Mobile (iOS & Android) Apps ensure there are no barriers that prevent interaction with, or access to business communications by providing assistive technology (Screen Reader) support. 

SnapComms apply WCAG 2.1 Level AA and Section 508 standards to enhance and improve the user experience for everyone. 

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What is Section 508? 

Section 508 requires federal agencies to make their Information and Communications Technology (ICT) accessible to everyone. This means that federal employees with disabilities can do their work on accessible computers to locate needed information.  

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is any equipment or system that is used to create, convert, duplicate, or access information and data. 

Find out more about Section 508 compliance 

What is WCAG?  

WCAG are guidelines to make content more accessible to people with disabilities.

Find out more about Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 

What are Screen Readers?  

A form of assistive technology that renders text and image content as speech or braille output. Screen readers are essential to people who are blind and are useful to people who are visually impaired. Screen readers are software applications that attempt to convey what people with normal eyesight see on a display to their users via non-visual means, like text-to-speech.

SnapComms has used the following screen readers for development and testing: 

Windows: JAWS - Job Access with Speech
Mac: VoiceOver


SnapComms recommends using the latest app versions available to benefit from the latest accessibility enhancements. 

Windows App 

Windows App versions 21.10.32429 and above are Section 508 compliant. 

Note: Accessibility support is only available with SnapComms Windows app version 21.01.113147 or higher. The accessibility functionality has been tested primarily using the JAWS (Job Access with Speech) Screen Reader program.  

The Accessibility functionality must be enabled for your SnapComms Windows app. This can be done manually within your SnapComms Windows app settings or by publishing an App Profile update (recommended).  

How to enable Accessibility via the Windows App Profile:  

Within the Content Manager, navigate to the App Management section 

  • Select Windows App profiles 

  • Click to open your app profile 

  • Scroll to the Accessibility section 

  • Enable accessibility mode. 

You will need to publish the app profile changes to your selected audience for the changes to take place.  
Once published accessibility mode will be enabled for your target audience. 


Mac App 

Mac App versions 22.2.41167 and above are Section 508 compliant. 

The Mac App does not require specific accessibility settings to be enabled, they are embedded into the SnapComms Mac App. 

Note: Accessibility support is only available with SnapComms Mac App version v22.2.41167 or higher. The functionality was tested primarily using the macOS VoiceOver screen reader. 


Mobile App 

The SnapComms iOS & Android Mobile Apps have full accessibility support built in.

Once Accessibility is enabled via your mobile settings, the SnapComms messages will be correctly read out and support your accessibility settings.


Supported Features 

Both Windows and Mac apps support the following delivery channels: 

  • Desktop Alerts 

  • Tickers 

    • Play/Pause button is present to allow user control of the message display

  • Survey 

  • Quiz 

  • Newsletters 

  • Emergency Full-Screen Alerts 

    • ​​​​Supported on Windows App version 21.04.17956 onwards 

  • Employee Sentiment Survey

  • Employee Star Rating Survey


The Screen reader will announce when a new Pop-up notification or Direct on-screen message appears on the user's machine. The focus will be given to the SnapComms message and then control is with the user. 

The user will be able to open and navigate around the message, with various landmarks (Titles, Section Headers, Image alt text, etc) being read out. 

The SnapComms Windows and Mac apps can also be opened and navigated around using the screen reader giving the user more control to access available messages at the desired time. 


Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) 

The VPAT’s for both the SnapComms Windows and Mac apps are available on request. Simply reach out to your account manager or to the SnapComms technical support team.  



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