SMS Delivery Reports


This report displays SMS messaging activity, specifically what messages have been sent to whom and when.  This report is available via the Folder Reports.  To find it, go to Folders and hover over the folder containing the messages you want to report on.  Select the Report icon from the tools, to see a list of available reports for that folder.

You may view at a glance the following data for any of the assets listed above:

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The Asset Name was given when creating an asset.

The sender's name (Alpha Name) for the SMS provider. Not all SMS Gateways enable you to specify the Alpha Name.

The SMS message that was sent to your targeted recipients.

Publish Time
The date and time the SMS message was published.

Publisher Name
The name of the person that created the message.

The mobile users that were targeted with the SMS message.
Note: The full name of the recipient is displayed in this field. If the user is generated via Active Directory, the Active Directory full name is displayed. If you have added a mobile number on the fly, the full name will be the mobile number.

Additional Fields

By clicking on the cog icon, you may add the following additional fields to your report by dragging the listed fields into your field column:

The report can be exported in many formats such as XLS, CSV, PDF, etc.

You can specify the Published From and Published Until dates to further filter what you want to be displayed. The default setting displays activity over the last month. Advanced filters can also be applied.


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