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If your server does not have access to the internet, or routes to the internet via a Proxy, the Proxy Server may not be able to grant our software access if our software is configured to run under a default Windows identity such as Network Services. In either of these cases, you will need to use Email Activation:

Step 1

Log in to the Content Manager using the Super Administrator Login (admin by default).
Navigate to Server Configuration >> Licensing.


Step 2

Click on the Install License button.


Step 3

Browse for the License Key we have supplied you with.
Note: The License Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE KEY---.

For SnapComms Server version 16.10.8507.0 and above, click on the Activate button, then jump to Step 5.

For SnapComms Server version 16.8.7481.0 and below, click on the Install button.


Step 4

Select Email activation.

Click the Continue button.


Step 5

Select Download Activation Request and send it as an email attachment to
Note: Only perform this step once or the first request will be invalidated. The License Request Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE REQUEST---.


Step 6

Once you have received the Activation Key by email from SnapComms, navigate to Server Configuration >> Licensing within Content Manager, and click Install License.


Step 7

Select Proceed with applying the Activation File.

Click Continue.


Step 8

Browse for the Activation Key you were provided via email.
Note: The Activation Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE ACTIVATION---.

Click Apply.


Step 9

Your SnapComms solution should now be licensed. To confirm this ensure your server instance has a green tick on the left hand side of the server name.


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