Creating Registration Alerts


The Registration Alert allows administrators to create targeting groups to which users can choose to opt-in to receive specific types of messages. The Registration Alert can also be used to set up targeting groups of users where Active Directory is not in use or if your Active Directory Groups are not up to date. The Registration Alert consists of a multiple-choice question where the answers will add users to new targeting groups within the Content Manager.

The Registration Alert channel is only available in the Engage Package. Please contact your Customer Success Manager should you wish to inquire further.


1. On your Dashboard click Create Content.

2. Select Build your Own and choose Registration Alert​ 

3. Select a Theme to use with the Registration Alert.

4. Select a folder to save it in and give the Registration Alert​ a name:


The initial view of the Registration Alert is a Summary View.  This view allows you to add questions and to edit the publishing parameters of the message.

The title of the Registration Alert, and all questions, can be edited directly in the Summary View by clicking on the appropriate fields. To edit the publishing parameters, click on Edit next to each item.

An example question is displayed in the initial view after opening the Registration Alert designer. To edit this question and add others, click on the question text.

Question options are:

  • Multiple-choice:  The recipient is presented with a number of answers and they can only pick one;

  • Multiple select: The recipient is presented with a number of answers and they may pick more than one; (Note: using this option may result in the recipient appearing in multiple groups);

  • Free form answer:  The recipient is presented with a text box where they can type any answer to the question (Note: No group will be created).  

If a question must be answered by the end user before submitting, it can be marked as Mandatory by selecting this option for the question. Mandatory questions are displayed to the end user with an asterix (*).

To re-order a question after creating the Registration Alert, drag it to the new position in the list of questions. If question numbering is turned on, they will automatically update.


The Registration Alert settings control how the message will behave when published. Options include:

  • Show question numbers: If enabled (on by default), the question number will be shown next to the question text in the message window;

  • Single responses only: If enabled (on by default), users can only submit a response once;

  • Retain responses once submitted: If enabled, the submitted answers are shown to the user if they re-open the Alert from their message history;

  • Remove when submitted: If enabled, the Alert will be removed from the Message History after the user submits their answers.

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