Click-through Drilldown Report

Click-through Drilldown Report

The Click-through Drilldown Report lists all clicks on content links by User and time.


It's possible to filter the report rows by individual columns. Filtering options vary on the data type of each individual column. 

  • Text 
  • Date and time
  • Options


It's possible to search across all visible columns of the report at once using the search icon. 
To clear the search criteria, just click the X next to the search item. 

Adding Users to Group

This options allow for adding the Users visible on screen to a manual Group that can be used for targeting on new content when follow-up action is required. 

More details in the article Creating a Targeting Group . 


The option Export All Columns to CSV will export all report data to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel. Filters applied to the report are are not considered when exporting. 

Additional Report Columns

There are additional columns that can be enabled in the report to allow for more detailed information about each User's interaction with the message content. Such columns can be enabled via the Customize Columns button available in the Click-through Drilldown Report tab. 


  • Results are shown for all versions of content, regardless of the version selected. 
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