Moderation - Overview

Moderation provides centralized content control. Some of your administrators can be specified as moderators to approve all messages sent from the SnapComms Content Manager.



Moderation is an additional license feature. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to have this feature added to your license. When in the Content Manager, if you do not see Moderation listed under Content >> Moderation, you do not currently have this feature on your license.




The Moderation Queue is accessed in the Content Manager by navigating to Content > Moderation.

When enabled in your license, you will be able to create administrators who must submit all content for moderation before it can be published. The Publish button is replaced with a Submit for Moderation button on the Publish screen of all assets

Administrators who have the Publish directly permission will not need to go through the moderation steps.


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When an asset is submitted for moderation, the content creator has the ability to choose which moderator to send an email notification to. The moderator will then receive an email notification with a link to the content where they'll be able to choose whether to Approve & Publish or Reject the content.


Example Email:


The asset is also sent to the Moderation Queue, where it awaits moderation by an administrator with elevated moderation permissions.

In the Moderation Queue, a moderator can click on the Content Name of the asset, and either Approve & Publish the asset or Reject the asset for publication.

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If the administrator has made a mistake, they may recall the asset from the Moderation Queue to make changes before resubmitting.

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If an administrator recalls the asset from moderation, the Submit for Moderation button will be displayed on the Publish screen of the recalled asset.

All administrators can view the Moderation Queue to see if their asset has been Approved or Rejected.

Create a Moderator Administrator

To give an administrator the capability to Approve & Publish or Reject content, navigate to Management >> Administrators.

Select the administrator you wish to give moderation control. In the General tab, under the heading Publishing Rights, select Allow user to moderate accessible content.

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The moderator can also be granted permission to publish directly, which will bypass the moderation queue. When they publish an item, they will be able to Approve & Publish or Reject it directly from the Publish screen.

The Moderation Queue

All administrators have access to view the Moderation Queue. Only administrators with elevated moderation rights (see above) will be able to Approve or Reject items in the Moderation Queue.

Items listed in the Moderation Queue are either marked as Rejected or For Moderation.
The items marked For Moderation are waiting to be approved by a moderator.

To moderate an asset, or to edit any part of the asset, an administrator clicks on the Content Name in the Moderation Queue. The asset is opened in a window of its own. The moderator can change any screen on the asset.

If an item is Approved and Published, it is removed from the Moderation Queue.
If an item is Rejected, it remains in the Moderation Queue marked as Rejected. A rejected asset can be re-submitted for moderation at any stage by any administrator.

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To permanently remove a rejected asset from the Moderation Queue, it will need to be Disabled and/or Deleted.
To view a history of the item, within the Moderation Queue, click on the ... icon in the grid.


The history is displayed in chronological order, with the latest action at the top of the list.

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