SMTP Configuration

Note: Minimum Server Version 15.12.5747.18586  required.

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, and is widely used on the internet to deliver email.

To send emails via the SnapComms solution, you must first provision the outgoing SMTP server that the SnapComms solution will use to send emails to your audience. If you are not sure what your outgoing SMTP server settings are, you will need to check this with your IT team.

Within Content Manager, navigate to Management >> SMTP Configuration.
The following settings are available to configure:

SMTP Server

The URL for the outgoing mail server you wish to use when sending outgoing email via the SnapComms solution.

This will commonly be a sub-domain name beginning with smtp, mail, or send, and ending with your domain name. e.g.,, or


The port used by your outgoing server.

The outgoing default server port is commonly port 25 (if there is no encryption), 587 if you have TLS (StartTLS) enabled, or 465 if you use SSL. Please check this with your IT team however as you may be using non standard ports within your organization.


If your outgoing SMTP server requires encryption (either TLS or SSL) you will need to tick this box.

The ports you specified in SMTP Port may give you a hint as to whether this should be ticked or not. e.g. if you are using port 25, it is likely that you are not using TLS or SSL, so this box should not be ticked.

SMTP Username

The authorization required by the SMTP server you specified above.

All SMTP servers these days require usernames and passwords to stop spammers using them.

SMTP Password

The authorization required by the SMTP server you specified above. To set the password, first click on the Change button.

The screen will display a field for you to enter the SMTP password.


From Address

Each time you send an email using the SnapComms solution, you will need to have an email address to identify who sent the email. Enter the email address you want displayed to your users as the sender of the email. e.g.


Test Recipient Address

Once you have entered your details, we strongly recommend you test the configuration settings by sending a test email. The Test Recipient Address is the email address you wish to send a test message to when you click on the Test button.

Once you have entered a working email address into this field, click on the Test button to confirm that SnapComms can use your SMTP settings to send an email successfully.

Once you are satisfied with the settings you have entered, click on the Save button.


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