Server Licensing - Internet


Internet Activation is the default method of activating your license. On SnapComms Software version 16.10.8507.0 and above, Internet Activation is attempted automatically.

Step 1

Log in to the Content Manager using the Super Administrator login (admin by default).
Navigate to Server Configuration >> Licensing.


Step 2

Click on the Install License button.


Step 3

Browse for the License Key we have supplied you with.
Note: The License Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE KEY---

For SnapComms Server version 16.10.8507.0 and above, click on the Activate button, then jump to Step 5.

For SnapComms Server version 16.8.7481.0 and below, click on the Install button.


Step 4

Choose Internet activation.

Click the Continue button.

Activation will now be performed over the internet


Step 5

Your SnapComms solution should now be licensed. To confirm this ensure your server instance has a green tick on the left hand side of the server name, and the Status shows Activated.


If you Experience any Issue

If you have no internet access on your server, you will have to use email activation. Also if you have installed the SnapComms Server software and specified the software to run under a default Windows identity such as "Network Services" or similar, you may find your proxy server will not allow such an identity to gain internet access, therefore even though you do have internet access, our software will not get through your Proxy Server. You will need to use email activation in such cases.

For instructions on how to install a license manually, click here. (version 16.10.8507.0 and above)
For instructions on how to install a license via email, click here.

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