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Themes are pre-defined styles which control how your message content appears on computer screens and mobile devices. It enables you to set the default font, logo and colors for content and pop-up notifications. By default, an Organization Theme is provided as part of the standard package. You can customize the Organization Theme to represent your branding or you can create multiple themes to have different branding styles for different departments.


There are 3 basic types of layouts for your messages, with the appearance controlled by the Theme:


Popup Notification

The popup notification appears in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen notifying the user that a new message has arrived. It displays the message name and the options to read the message now or later.

Message Window

The message window displays the contents of Alerts, Surveys and Quizzes. It typically appears in the center of the screen but can also be set to show full screen.

Ticker Messages

The Ticker appears at the bottom of the screen (above the taskbar) and scrolls across the window. Headlines can be simple text or hyperlinks which open a URL in a browser window.


Themes are accessed via the Management menu (Management >> Themes) in the SnapComms Content Manager.

Pre-requisite: You need to have permissions to the Management section in the SnapComms Content Manager to see the Themes page.


An Organization Theme consists of:

  • A logo - recommended height for the logo is 90px;

  • Colors for: Links, Headings, Buttons and Paragraph text;

  • Fonts for: Headings and Paragraph text.

Creating Themes

To create a new Theme, under Management >> Themes, click on the "Create theme" button next to the search field at the top of the screen. The system will then ask for a name for this new Theme. This name will appear with the Theme in the content creation process.

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Once in the Theme editor, you can add a new logo and change colors, fonts and text sizes, but you are not able to alter the layout/structure of the Theme.



The SnapComms App is installed with a plain skin that has a placeholder in the top left corner for your company logo. You can apply a Theme to the App to display your company logo and branding.

To customize your App and apply a Theme you will need Administrator privileges to access the Management menu. You can then follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Management Theme
  • Click on the Theme or use the More (...) button and select Set App Theme
  • Refresh your App to see the new App Theme applied


  • The SnapComms logo is always shown in the bottom right corner and cannot be removed
  • Only one Theme can be applied at one given time, to all Apps linked to the Content Manager
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