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Manual import of CSV files are very useful if done as an initial setup or when the frequency of updating information defined in the file is low. It is recommended that you do a manual upload to a test subset of your data to see that everything is updated as expected.

Steps to Upload and Synchronize your File

  1. From your Content Manager, go to Management > Users & Groups Sync.

  2. Under Synchronize a file, click Choose File and select the CSV file you want to upload 

  1. If the import is solely for creating groups and adding existing users to those groups, then check the 'Process Memberships only' box. Otherwise, leave the Process Memberships only checkbox unchecked. Specify the Category name (data source). This is the name you created in the first article, Importing thru CSV Overview. Make sure to review this if you haven't already.

  1. Click Sync File. 

  2. Once the import is complete, you will see a note at the bottom of the page saying your synchronization is successful. Check your Users page to ensure that the data mapped correctly and no duplicate users are created.

If you get an error Invalid DataSourceName in call to API function ImportAPI.SynchronizeData (status -101) this means you have not selected the Category name, or there is an issue with the name you used (e.g. too many characters, spaces, or special characters are used).

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