This feature allows for the import of the SnapComms user data with a CSV file exported from another system. This is used when the information needed for targeting or grouping is not available from the organization's Active Directory. This import is used for one-time or ad hoc data import purposes. If the need is to continuously import and update the data from a different data source other than Active Directory, the SnapComms Data Integration shall be used. This alternative import method is discussed in Integrating Data from 3rd-party sources (HR platform) to SnapComms.



  • Source data that contains employees' usernames and the Active Directory domain that employees connect to or their email addresses (or User Principal Name)

  • A User Category created to associate with the CSV input file to be synchronized.

Creating User Category

Every upload of a CSV file must be associated with a category. In every upload for the same category, the data from the most recent CSV file used will completely replace the existing users, machines, and groups in the specified category.

Note: If you wish to manage each group with a different CSV file, you will need to sync each CSV file using a different category name to avoid unlisted groups in each CSV from being made inactive.

Recommendation: It is recommended to use the same name for your CSV file and your User Group Category for easy tracking and management.

To create a new category click the New button.

If there are existing categories already present, click on New next to any of the existing categories.

The User Category field can not have any spaces or special characters, and should not be the same as an existing Group. It can not be changed once created.


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