The SnapComms Template Library

The Template Library within the SnapComms Content Manager allows you to use different types of employee communications.

Why use the Template Library?

SnapComms Templates are created from understanding our user base of 2.5 million users worldwide. We’ve looked into what the most common types of messages that are distributed and how they were communicated. With these insights, we created different Templates of the most common types of messages sent to users to allow our customers to send out business-critical information at a much faster and better format.

What types of Templates are there?

We have created several new Templates. From alerts, tickers, surveys, questionnaires, screensavers and more to communicate different types of communications and scenarios most employees receive. Whether it be welcoming a new employee, an IT outage or Cyber Attack.

Will there be other Templates created?

We are always looking at releasing new Templates that are relevant to current organizational needs. We’re also always looking at new Template ideas, contact your Customer Success Manager if you have a Template idea.

Do the Templates work on multiple devices?

Yes. The different Templates are optimized for different devices and operating systems to ensure all employees receive these timely and critical communications right away.

Is there any extra training required to use these Templates?

The Templates work like just like any other channel within SnapComms Content Manager software, except all of the hard work has been done as users can click onto a Template and hit send straight away. Or make minor edits to add your business imagery, logo, or wording.

How do I get to the Template Library?

You can find the Templates by clicking onto the tab inside SnapComms Content Manager called ‘Template Library’, you can view the image below or login to SnapComms Content Manager now to view.

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