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The SnapComms Public APIs deliver another option to take advantage of targeted broadcasting provided by the SnapComms solution utilizing Group Targeting or Attribute Targeting. The APIs are available for cloud-hosted customers in the Inform and Engage packages. To use this feature, it should be turned on for your organization. This is done by toggling on the 'Service Account (REST API)' setting from the Content Manager > Management > General Settings page. There are Rate Limits set that limit the number of requests that can be made to the Public APIs.

If you do not see the 'Enable Service Account Creation' option under General Settings or if you have other questions about this feature, please contact our technical consulting team through 


Here are a few things that need to be set up in the Content Manager before using the SnapComms Public APIs. 

Service Account

A 'Service Account' is similar to an Administrator account in the Content Manager. All API transactions performed under the Service Account are also recorded in the Audit Log. The main difference is a Service Account does not require an email and cannot be used to log into the Content Manager. 

To create a Service Account, log into your Content Manager and navigate to the Management > Administrators page. Click the 'Create Service Account' button and assign a name for the account. The username will automatically be created based on the Service Account name provided. The default permissions are the same as a newly created Administrator. You may update the permissions but remember that the Service Account should have access to the folder where your Organization Templates are stored.


An API Key is automatically generated upon the creation of a Service Account. This Key will be used to authenticate the SnapComms API. Keys are masked by default. Unmask them by double-clicking on the field. 'Copy' and 'Regenerate' buttons are available for copying the API Key value and generating a new one. It is necessary to generate at least one API Key for a Service Account.

Organization Templates

Create Organization Templates from scratch or use one of the templates from the Template Library in the Content Manager by clicking on the down arrow next to the Start Button when creating content. Currently, all four templates in the IT Communications use case have pre-defined fields which can be substituted with the values provided through the API. Pre-defined fields can also be added to any Organization Template created. To add a pre-defined field, it should follow this format, '[::fieldname]'.

The Service Account must have permission to access the folder where the Organizational Templates are stored.


Rate Limits

A limit on the number of requests per organization on each API is set for a certain amount of time. The current limits are as follows:

  • Publish - 2 requests per second, 10 per minute, 30 per hour, or 250 per day

  • Statistics - 3 requests minute or 60 per hour

  • Authenticate - 10 requests per second

  • The rest of the APIs are limited to 30 requests per minute

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