This page gives an overview of how to set up ADFS as your Identity Provider for SAML SSO with SnapComms. For generic SAML SSO information, refer to SSO using Company ID


Please note that SnapComms SAML SSO certificate renews yearly, which may break the trust between SnapComms and your Identity Provider. We recommend setting a calendar reminder to redownload the Metadata from the SnapComms Content Manager to reload the new certificate into ADFS. Download the new certificate from ADFS, rename the .CER file, and re-upload into SnapComms


Download the SnapComms Content Manager's Metadata

In your SnapComms Content Manager, go to Management > Integrations > SSO, and click on the Metadata URL, this will download an XML file


ADFS Setup Guidelines

1. From your AD FS Manager > Add a Relying Party Trust > select ‘Claims aware’, select ‘Import data about the relying party from a file’, select the authservices file generated from the above step

2. Edit the Claim Issuance Policy > Add Rule > select ‘Send LDAP Attributes as Claims’ > name your Claim Rule and select Active Directory as the Attribute Store > select User-Principal-Name as the LDAP Attribute and Name ID as the Outgoing Claim Type

3. The SnapComms Mobile App is only compatible with Forms Authentication method (both for Extranet and Intranet), please check if these are the method selected under ‘Edit Primary Authentication Methods’

5. From the Edit Federation Service Properties, copy the Federation Service Identifier


6. Add Users and Groups to allow access to this SAML application

7. Download the SSO validation certificate from ADFS


Configure SnapComms Content Manager for SAML SSO Authentication

1. Go back to your SnapComms Content Manager > Management > Integrations > SSO, get the value from your ADFS, and fill in the following fields:

Identity Provider ID: (copy and paste the ADFS Federation Service Identifier)

Identity Provider Metadata URL: (check the Metadata URL from ADFS > Service > Endpoints > Metadata, e.g. https://[domain]/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml)

SSO validation certificate: (download the certificate from ADFS and upload a .cer file here)


2. Enable the SAML SSO for Content Manager Administration or SnapComms Mobile and MAC Apps, and click 'save'

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