SnapComms Server - Retrieving Logs for Troubleshooting Performance

There are 3 ways to collect the SnapComms Diagnostic information:

  1. SnapComms Diagnostics (SnapComms Server software version 14.04.2741.0 or higher):
    SnapComms Server - Maintaining Log Files

  2. Download and Run the SnapComms Server Diagnostics Tool:
    SnapComms Server Diagnostics Tool

  3. Manually gather the Log files and SQL reports from their various locations:
    IIS Application Server Logs
    MSSQL Reports

Where to send the information

  1. Please ensure both the MSSQL stats and IIS logs are gathered

  2. Attach the above files and Email to for analysis.
    If the files are too big to send via email, please use the following link to upload the files
    Please advise us in a reply email to once the files have been uploaded.

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