Server Licensing - Manual (available on versions 16.10.8507.0 and above)


Manual Activation enables you to activate your license from any machine that has access to the internet. The process requires you to install your License Key into Content Manager. This generates a License Request Key that can then be used to obtain an Activation Key via the SnapComms License Portal which enables you to complete the license activation in Content Manager.

Note: Any computer can be used to obtain the Activation Key from the SnapComms License Portal as long at it can reach (you do not need to login, just get to the login screen).

Step 1

Log in to the Content Manager using the Super Administrator login (admin by default).
Navigate to Server Configuration >> Licensing.


Step 2

Click on the Install License button.


Step 3

Browse for the License Key we have supplied you with.
Note: The License Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE KEY---

Click on the Activate button.


Step 4

Select Download Activation Request and save the file either locally or on another computer that can reach
Note: Only perform this step once or the first request will be invalidated.

Copy the link provided on this page, or if you can access on the same machine, click on the link to open the SnapComms License Portal.

Note: The URL provided on screen must be used to access the SnapComms License Portal.

Step 5

In the SnapComms License Portal (the URL you were provided in Step 4), upload the License Request Key.
Note: The License Request Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE REQUEST---

Alternatively, you can click on Enter Activation Request Text, and copy and paste the contents of the License Request Key.

Click on the Activate button.

You will be provided with your Activation Key to download.

Step 6

Once you have received the Activation Key, go back to Content Manager and navigate to Server Configuration >> Licensing then click Install License.


Step 7

Select Proceed with applying the Activation File.

Click Continue.


Step 8

Browse for the Activation Key you were provided via email.
Note: The Activation Key is a text file (.txt) which contains a key starting with ---BEGIN LICENSE ACTIVATION---

Click Apply.


Step 9

Your SnapComms solution should now be licensed. To confirm this ensure your server instance has a green tick on the left hand side of the server name.


If you Experience any Issue

If you have no internet access or can not reach from your computer, you will have to use email activation.
For instructions on how to install a licence via email, click here.

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