Folder Click-through drilldown report


The folder Clickthrough Drilldown report displays key information about user interactions for the published messages within the folder. The report generated is for the asset's lifetime; It will display information about each asset from the date it was first published to the time you run the report.

The purpose of the Clickthrough report is to display how many hyperlinks are in each content, and how many times each hyperlink was interacted with.



In Content Manager's left-hand menu, navigate to Content >> Folders.

Select the folder you would like to report against.
On the right-hand side, click on the Reports icon.


Select Clickthrough Drilldown from the menu.
A Clickthrough summary report will be provided for each content within the selected folder.



Item Name
The name of the content.

Content Type Name
What type of asset it is i.e Desktop Alert, Ticker etc.

Content Version
How many times have you sent the same content out.

Last Published Date
When the last version was published.

Created Date
When the first version was created.

Links Count
How many hyperlinks were contained within the content.

Unique Users
How many unique users were sent this content.

Total Click Count
How many times did the users click on the hyperlink(s).



The report provides the option to export your data to a .csv file.

Click the Export as... dropdown button and you will be provided two options.

  1. Export current fields (.csv)
  2. Export all fields (.csv)

The first option will consider the applied table filters and export as shown on the screen. 
The second option will export all data.



There are additional columns that can be enabled in the report to allow for more detailed information.
You can also use this option to remove any active headers from your view.


A more detailed Click-through report is provided when you view the report at the Content Level.
From the Folder Level report, click on the content name to enter the Content Level.

For more information on the Click-Through Drill report, please refer to this article.


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