Groups and Users Targeting


Groups and Users are the easiest ways to define audiences when sending messages via SnapComms. We support Security Groups from Active Directory and Groups manually created in SnapComms. Users are the Employees who have at least one of the SnapComms Apps installed and authenticated. If Machine Based Targeting is enabled on your account, it's also possible to target Machines from the Groups and Users selection drop-down. 



Enable the required Permissions  

In order to be able to target User and Machine Groups, Content Administrators require the 'Target user & machine groups' permission enabled.

For targeting specific Users, Content Administrators must have enabled the 'Target individual users withing the Group/s the administrator has access to' permission. Otherwise, they will only be able to reach Users via the Groups the latter belongs to. For more information on Administrators and Permissions, click here.



Groups available for targeting are listed in the drop-down. You can filter the list by typing the name of the Group you want to select.

Alongside Groups, you can also select specific Users to target. In order to display Users in the drop-down list, you just need to type their name.    

Select Groups and Users you wish to target by clicking on them in the drop-down list.

Users who belong to any of the targeted Groups will be part of the Audience for the message. Users will receive only one message even if they belong to multiple Groups targeted in the message. 

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