Create Content Page


The Create Content page is a simple way to easily visualize and navigate through the various libraries to create your next piece of content.

There are three main sections on this page:

  • Build your Own

  • Start from Template

  • Recently Used



Build Your Own:

See all the different communication channels available to your organization here.  
Clicking on a Channel tile will allow you to select a Theme and preview what the content will look like before you create it.

Note: Only Channels that your organization is licensed for will be visible.

Start from Template:

This section consists of two views, My Organization and Library.

My Organization:

(Previously named Content Templates)

All templates that have been created by your organization, and which you have permission to see, will be made visible here.
These will be displayed in an Alphabetical Order (A-Z).

Tip: Use the “Recently Used” section to quickly filter Organization templates by what you have recently used.


On this filtered view, you will see a range of categories with ready-to-go templates created by SnapComms, which have been developed using best practice design and content.

Clicking on a Category will allow you to view the range of templates that have been built.
More information on the various templates can be found here .


Recently Used:

All content that you have recently used will be listed. This is across both draft and published content in Templates and Channel Types.
Additional functionality located on this page include:


Search Bar:
You can now easily search for new and existing content across the available Channels, Organization Templates and Template Library.

There is a list of quick filters displayed with the Library view to help easily navigate to the range of templates and/or Channels best suited.
These filters are predetermined by SnapComms.

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