Success Reports


The Success Report tells you how successful your message has been in terms of getting employee attention. It will help you answer questions like: 

  • Which employees were targeted with this published version?
  • Which employees have successfully engaged with the content?
  • Which employees have not received the message content?
  • Which employees are yet to respond to the questionnaire?



Within the Success Report, you will see various graphs and headers. Below is a quick overview of what they represent.

Targeted: number of users and machines targeted with this content
Reached: number of users and machines from the targeted list that have downloaded the content on the SnapComms app

Displayed: number of users and machines from the targeted list that have had the content message displayed

Note: If Desktop PopUp notifications are used, then displayed is only counted once the "Read More" option has been selected.

Successful: Each delivery channel has its own rules, see below.
Desktop Alerts:  number of users from the targeted list that have had the content window displayed.
Quiz/ Survey/ RSVP/ Registration Alert: number of users from the targeted list that have responded to the questionnaire in the content window.
Screensaver/LockScreen: number of users from the targeted list that have downloaded the message.
Tickers: Please see the following article on the success criteria

Reactions: number of users from the targeted list that have reacted to the published message in either the content window or within the SnapComms App (Desktop and/or Mobile)


The Action Menu includes additional options related to the published content which the success report is based on.

These include:

  • View published message (this opens the content in a browser tab)
  • Open in Content Editor
  • Browse containing folder
  • Download charts as image



It's possible to search across all visible columns of the report at once using the search icon. 
To clear the search criteria, just click the X next to the search item. 



It's possible to filter the report rows by individual columns. Filtering options vary on the data type of each individual column. 

  • Text 
  • Date and time
  • Options



This option allows for adding the Users visible on screen to a manual Group that can be used for targeting on new content when follow-up action is required. 

More details in the article Creating a Targeting Group



The option Export All Columns to CSV will export all report data to a CSV file that can be opened in Excel. Filters applied to the report are not considered when exporting. 



There are additional columns that can be enabled in the report to allow for more detailed information about each User's interaction with the message content. Such columns can be enabled via the Customize Columns dropdown available in the Success results table. 


  • Processing of the interaction data may result in a 5-min delay of the reported data.
  • Timestamps are in the preferred time zone of the SnapComms Admin currently logged in.
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