Attribute Targeting


Attributes are an effective way of defining specific audiences when sending messages via SnapComms. They can be configured when sending messages providing for easy and quick audience definition. SnapComms supports both User and Machine Attributes from Active Directory. 


Choose Attributes to be collected 

Before Attributes can be used for targeting, they need to be imported into SnapComms. This process can be done via the SnapComms Windows app or via integrations, like Azure. 
For more information on choosing what Attributes will be collected by the SnapComms App, please read the App Profiles overview .

Once you've selected the Attributes you'd like to make available for targeting, make sure to publish the updated App Profile to the relevant Users.

It might take some time for the Attributes to be available in SnapComms after the updated App profile has been published. In order to fast-track the update:

  • Go to Management  >> General Settings then 'Click Here for Additional Settings'

  • Look for 'Resynchronize Active Directory'

  • Click 'Initiate Now'

Map the Attributes that will be available for targeting

This step is necessary to ensure only relevant Attributes are available for targeting in SnapComms. Active Directory supports a large number of Attributes and not all of them are kept up to date. Mapping the relevant Attributes makes it easier for Content Administrators to successfully target the right Audiences in their messages. 

Log into your Content Manager as an Administrator with access to the Users & Groups section and navigate to Users & Groups >> Attributes.

User-added image

You will see a list of all currently mapped User and Machine Attributes. From here you can edit, remove or disable Attributes mapped in SnapComms.

Click + Add Attribute at the bottom of the list to map a new Attribute.

User-added image

Select the Active Directory Attribute to map from the dropdown list.

You can customize the display name of the Attribute in SnapComms. This is the name displayed when targeting your SnapComms messages.

Remember to enable the Attribute so it's available for use by Content Administrators.

Map the Attributes to support User Targeting

This step is required if Targeting by the following User attributes is required within your organization.

  • Username
  • UserPrincipalName
  • DomainName
  • MobileUsername
  • Email 

Log into your Content Manager as an Administrator with access to the Users & Groups section and navigate to Users & Groups >> Attributes.

Click the + Add Attribute button to map a new Attribute.

Select SnapComms as the data source
Select the data source attribute
Give it a unique name
Click on Enable this attribute to activate this.
Press Save

Once the above steps have been completed, you will be able to target your audience using this attribute.

Enable the required Permissions  

Now that Attributes are being collected and the relevant ones have been mapped for use, the final step is ensuring Administrators who will use them have the appropriate permissions. Ensure that the 'The administrator can target by attributes' permission is enabled for the relevant Administrators. For more information on Administrators and Permissions, click here.


Consider this example: You want to inform all Managers in Houston about an upcoming change to your work-from-home policy. For such, you should do the following: 

  1. Select the type of Attribute User

  2. Select the Attribute City, then select the value Houston

  3. Click Add another Attribute 

  4. Select the Attribute Role, then select the value Manager 

You can add multiple Attributes and choose multiple possible matching values for each Attribute. It's also possible to target by partial values. For example, when targeting using the State Attribute, it's possible to type New and then select 'All values containing: New' option. This will cause all Users who have the State New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico or New York to be targeted. 

In order to be targeted, Users or Machines will need to be a match for at least 1 value for all selected Attributes. 

For Mac and Mobile users, the client applications do not automatically collect Attributes from your Active Directory. To use the Attribute Targeting option, make sure that the Attribute is well defined and populated in your Content Manager.

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