Mobile Device Installation and Onboarding

The Onboarding Instructions provide a simple three step process to have the SnapComms Mobile App installed and available for use. A content administrator can select the Onboarding Instructions from within the Mac & Mobile Settings page from the Content Manager.

Refer to this page to see the available configurations for mobile and how to set them.


  • It is recommended that the preferred Authentication method has been selected before the instructions are sent out to employees.

  • You no longer need to enter a password to register to the SnapComms Mobile App.

A preview of the Onboarding document is displayed.


Two options are made available to the content administrator:

  1. Copy to Clipboard

  2. Download PDF

Both options include a unique link for your organization which has the Organization App Code embedded. 
If this link is used, the end user no longer needs to enter the Organization App Code manually.

It's recommended that the link be opened on a mobile device. The link can be used on any mobile platform (iOS, Android). 
Each end user will be directed appropriately depending on which device/ platform is used.

If the SnapComms App isn't installed, then the end user will be requested to download the App. Once the download is completed and the App is opened, the Organization App Code will be populated and the sign in screen will be presented.

You can download the unique QR Code (with the organization app code embedded) as an .SVG file.
This will allow you to apply the QR Code to your Desktop Alert or Newsletter. 

Important: If your SAML integration is NOT correctly configured, then using the onboarding link may display a Blank White Page in the mobile app to your employees.


The following steps are based on the SnapComms Authentication and unique download link being used.

  • Step 1 - Click the link provided to Install/Open the SnapComms App or simply scan the unique QR Code. The Organization App Code will be populated automatically.

  • Step 2 - Enter your work email address. You must use your work email address to receive the security token required to proceed.

Note: If you are an organization using a Locally installed database with an existing password and need to sign in using that, click the [Need to use a Password to sign in?link.
The [Need to use a Password to sign in?] link will not work for Cloud customers.

  • Step 3 - Enter the security token that you received in your email to complete the registration.

    • The security token is only valid for 30 minutes.

    • If time expires, click Resend Security Token.

Once you have successfully registered, the message history will be displayed with the list of your active messages.


Any user using the SAML Authentication with the quick link provided in the Onboarding instructions will be directed to the login page of the configured Single Sign On provider.
Once they enter the login details, they will be directed to the Feed View within the SnapComms App.


If you are an existing registered user and log out of the SnapComms App, you will be directed to the sign in screen where you can sign back in using either the security token.

If you are an organization using a Locally installed database with an existing password, to sign in with your password click the Need to use a Password to sign in? link.



If you click the SnapComms App download link on your desktop, you will be directed to a web page where you can enter your mobile phone number. 

You're required to enter the Country Code and Network Code, followed by the mobile number. An example is shown above.

Once you have entered your mobile number, an SMS message will be sent to your mobile device.
When you click on this, you will be directed appropriately to open/download the SnapComms App.

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