Sharing resources from Microsoft SharePoint

You can attach resources from Microsoft SharePoint in your published messages.
As resources hosted on SharePoint are protected, your organization will need to have Azure AD authentication set up to use this feature. 

Microsoft Stream

You can now share Microsoft Stream videos that are hosted on your organization's SharePoint.
Microsoft Stream is now available as an option inside the Video source dropdown.


The value for the "Share link" field can be acquired from your video in Microsoft Stream [Share > Copy link].


Stream (On SharePoint) vs Stream (Classic):

With Stream (Classic) soon to be retired, SnapComms only offers support for Stream (On SharePoint). If you are unfamiliar about the differences between the two, you can find more information in this article from Microsoft.

Minimum app version requirements:

Windows - 23.5.300
Mac - 23.5.131027
iOS - 23.5.131023
Android - 23.5.128319


Other files from SharePoint

We will be working to support more types of resources other than videos, such as documents and images. Keep an eye out for updates on our release notes page.

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