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The SnapComms App is a software program installed locally on employees' desktops or mobile devices. It is responsible for initiating regular communications with the SnapComms Servers, primarily to download and manage the display of messages onto the employee's screen(s). The SnapComms App is required on all devices that need to receive SnapComms messages. 



There are two styles of the SnapComms Apps currently available to all Cloud customers. 

New SnapComms App which was released 26th October 2021 or the Classic style which was available prior to this date.


The New SnapComms App:

The SnapComms App consists of a single view. The All tab which offers rich, engaging and easy to browse  messages in a card layout. It allows the users to experience the content more easily without having to drill down into each message individually. The Unread tab quickly shows a list of new published messages that need your attention.

Banner example   employee-app-min.png


Note: The SnapComms Windows & Mac versions 22.3 and above include support for message-specific Desktop Alert notification positioning (Read more). 

Any app version below 22.3 will display the notification in the system default positioning:

  • Windows default is Bottom Right
  • Mac default is Top Right

The Classic SnapComms App:

The SnapComms App consists of two views. The Feed View which offers a rich, engaging and easy to browse format of messages in one place. It allows the users to experience the content more easily without having to drill down into each message individually. The Notification View shows a list of all published messages



Once the SnapComms App has been installed on your PC, you will notice the SnapComms icon in your Notification Tray. If it's not shown there, click the arrow to display hidden icons and drag the SnapComms icon to your tray.



For Mac users, the SnapComms App icon will be visible on the top taskbar.




You can find the SnapComms App for Desktops/PCs in the Content Manager on the left-hand side menu under App Management> App Download, and the mobile app from the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android).



For Windows: 

The SnapComms App for Windows consists of 2 core components: 

  1. App Profile - The configurations or settings of the Windows App are controlled by the App Profile. The first time the App is downloaded it will include the Default App Profile and will apply those settings. Read full details about App Profiles here

  2. App - The software code which is represented by the App version number. Windows App has the ability to receive software code version updates via a publish mechanism (App Updates) from the SnapComms Content Manager.

Please read the article on Windows App Installation And Management here to learn how to download, install, update and uninstall your Windows desktop application. 

For Mac:

The SnapComms App for Mac comes in two types. Before downloading a Mac App, please ensure you have checked with your IT team which login method is preferable:

  1. Active Directory: This method requires the users to log onto their Mac device using the Active Directory username and password. Should the user log in with another username or password that is not within your Active Directory, they will not have access to the SnapComms Client. It will not appear in the Notification Tray by the clock or appear under Applications. Active Directory clients create users in Content Manager automatically.

  2. SnapComms Authentication: Works in a similar way to our Mobile Apps, connecting to the SnapComms Service using the Registration Service. The Registration Service requires the user to initially log onto the SnapComms Client via the internet. Once logged on, the user should not need to log on again unless the SnapComms Client is reset or the user logs onto the Mac device as a different user. Registration Service Apps can be auto-created or manually created.

Please read the article on Mac App installation and Management here to learn how to download, install and uninstall your Mac desktop application.

For Mobile:

The SnapComms App can work on both iOS and Android operating systems. Details on how to easily onboard your mobile users can be found here.


The SnapComms App is installed with a plain skin that has a placeholder in the top left corner for your company logo. You can apply a Theme to the App to display your company logo and branding.

To customize your App and apply a Theme you will need Administrator privileges to access the Management menu. You can then follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Management Theme
  • Click on the Theme or use the More (...) button and select Set App Theme
  • Refresh your App to see the new App Theme applied


  • The SnapComms logo is always shown in the bottom right corner and cannot be removed
  • Only one Theme can be applied at one given time, to all Apps linked to the Content Manager

More information about our employee communication App and its benefits are available here.

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